Meet the team


Our core strength lies in our team’s quality and their project expertise. Our integrated engineering teams blend civil, water, hydraulic, and fire services for comprehensive solutions. With over 70 professionals across NSW, VIC, ACT, and QLD, we deliver excellence in engineering.

Key people

Michael Cahalane Managing Director of WSce
Michael Cahalane
Managing Director phone

A collaborative leader, Michael co-ordinates teams to work together seamlessly and resolve even the most complex brief. He plays the role of influencer, motivating and empowering his team to drive innovation, design excellence, and deliver value that surpasses expectations.

Michael is exceptionally hands-on with projects and crafts engineering designs of the highest quality that are coherent, responsive to client and user needs.

Drawing on his background as a site manager and civil/structural engineer, he can reverse engineer problems by understanding how something is constructed before commencing design.

Michael is actively involved with numerous industry organisations. Serving on the Engineers Australia Civil and Structural Panel since 2015, he provides valuable expertise and insights that enhance collaboration and educational efforts within the engineering sector. Michael is a founding member of Club Hibernia, which facilitates industry networking and knowledge sharing.

Michael has also assisted in drafting and refining industry guidelines, including authoring the micro-tunnelling guidelines for sewers and contributing to Sydney Water Specialist Engineering Assessment procedures.

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Paul Angus
National Head of Strategy & Growth phone

Paul is committed to transformative leadership and driving innovation within the industry. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has excelled in various roles such as a chartered engineer, design manager, and connector, consistently creating long-term value for organisations.

His experience includes heading the design and execution of major infrastructure, commercial, defence, healthcare, education, and cultural projects across the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Beyond his roles, Paul dedicates much of his time to knowledge-sharing through mentoring and guidance. He encourages strategic thinking and innovation, supporting team members in achieving their professional goals. Paul's multifaceted expertise and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation make him a driving force in propelling the business to new heights.

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David Bolt
Director, Fire & Hydraulic phone

With over 25 years of international experience, David is a visionary Director in WSce's Fire and Hydraulic team. His wealth of expertise spans consulting and contracting, making him a driving force behind the success of numerous large-scale public and private projects.

David's reputation for delivering exceptional results extends to his collaboration with government organisations at the policy level, where he's played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and best practices.

He's known for his client-centric approach, fostering open and responsive consultation to understand each project's unique needs and aspirations deeply. David's leadership has seen him actively lead User Group meetings with clinical stakeholders, especially in healthcare design.

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Lynette Wells
Chief Financial Officer

Lynette is a highly qualified CPA accountant with 30 years of experience as a CFO. Her keen business acumen allows her to approach companies with a broad perspective, identifying key business drivers and understanding the essential elements for success.

Lynette has closely collaborated with the WSce Board and management team, contributing significantly to the company's growth and evolution. She finds particular satisfaction working with businesses during their growth stages, leveraging her skills to guide them through challenges and opportunities.

Lynette's dedication to excellence and ability to zoom in on critical aspects of business operations make her a valuable asset to WSce, ensuring the company's financial strategies align seamlessly with its overarching goals.

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Preneshin Govender
Technical Manager – Civil & Water Engineering phone

With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Preneshin Govender has made his mark in the design and execution of intricate civil and water engineering infrastructure projects. His expertise has been tested in leading design teams to deliver large-diameter pipelines and utility projects across South Africa and Australia.

Preneshin thrives as the project lead on major infrastructure ventures. His remarkable talent lies in his ability to decipher complex technical challenges, and he strongly emphasises nurturing relationships with all stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensures the seamless delivery of projects and end-users' safety.

His extensive experience encompasses vast sites and precincts state significant infrastructure projects and precincts. Guided by a keen design sensibility, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to collaboration, Preneshin excels at forging shared visions through design. His work represents a marriage of technical expertise and creative ingenuity.

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Tom Wise
Director, Technical Manager – Fire & Hydraulic phone

Tom is a renowned industry expert, overseeing our design strategies and ensuring the quality of WSce's work. With vast knowledge of plumbing engineering standards, he participates in numerous code and standard improvement working groups in Australia and the USA.

Dependable and committed, Tom excels in user group interactions, ensuring system alignment with user needs. His extensive experience spans specialty water, healthcare (over 100 engagements), and biocontainment for water and wastewater systems. Tom's exceptional communication skills shine in client consultations and stakeholder user groups. Through open and responsive consultations, he profoundly understands their needs, informing engineering solutions rooted in a collective vision.

Tom specialises in advisory services, assisting clients, their engineers/designers, and builders, offering innovative, performance-based design solutions tailored to meet client needs.

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Brian McDonnell
Brian McDonnell
State General Manager – QLD phone

Brian is a seasoned industry professional with over two decades of invaluable experience. As an innovative thinker, Brian revels in exploring uncharted territories and pushing boundaries.

He thrives on creative problem-solving, constantly seeking novel solutions and approaches. Holding a Building Services Engineering degree, he brings a wealth of expertise in healthcare, education, and government facilities gained through significant roles at prominent firms like Umow Lai, AECOM, and Faction Consulting. Brian's unique perspective on driving innovation and his commitment to achieving socially responsible outcomes for built and natural environments complement his diverse engineering background.

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Peter Brawley
Director, Technical Manager – Fire | VIC phone

Peter is a highly qualified engineer with a remarkable track record spanning over 30 years. His extensive experience encompasses various sectors within the construction industry, with a particular specialisation in Fire Services.

His unique skills and knowledge make Peter an invaluable asset to the team. He confidently guides design processes, always with a client-centric approach in mind. Collaborating closely with the design team, he strives to foster innovative, compliant, high-quality design outcomes. With his wealth of experience and dedication, Peter plays an essential role in ensuring WSce's reputation for delivering robust and innovative designs.

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Daniel Power
Project Manager – Fire & Hydraulic phone

Daniel is dedicated to crafting innovative, world-leading engineering that complements iconic architecture. He believes that exceptional designs should not only be well-crafted and enduring but also deeply consider the people who engage with them.

As an active project contributor, Daniel leverages his extensive skills to navigate all design management phases expertly. He recognises that every project is unique and, as such, demands a tailored approach. Daniel effortlessly adapts to the diverse requirements of various sectors, building types, and environments.

Daniel, a collaborative design leader, excels in coordinating multifunctional teams to work together harmoniously, even in the face of the most intricate challenges. His commitment is to ensure that every project is a resounding success.

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Stuart Sullivan Engineer WSce
Stuart Sullivan
Team Leader – Civil & Water Engineering phone

Stuart is a seasoned engineering professional with a wide-ranging expertise encompassing construction trades, infrastructure projects, and major developments. Although his career began in plumbing, gas-fitting, and drainage, Stuart's unyielding passion for innovation and learning propelled him into the field of engineering.

Stuart is known for his proactive approach and innovative mindset. He has a remarkable track record of solving challenging issues that others have struggled to resolve. His dedication and problem solving skills are assets that consistently drive successful outcomes.

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Dirk Nagelschmidt
Director, Technical Manager – Hydraulic | VIC phone

With over 25 years of professional experience as a Hydraulic Services Design Consultant and an additional eight years as a plumbing contractor, Dirk is a seasoned expert in delivering top-tier documentation. His unique blend of theoretical expertise and hands-on experience makes him a reliable figure in the field.

Dirk's commitment and diligence guarantee clients the assurance that every facet will be explored. This comprehensive approach ensures the delivery of Hydraulic Services design solutions that perfectly align with the unique requirements of any project brief.

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Simon Matthews
Principal Engineer – Fire & Hydraulic phone

Simon brings a wealth of diverse knowledge in building services, with a primary focus on hydraulic and fire services. He has successfully tackled projects across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. Simon's experience extends to handling unique challenges, such as local conditions, code requirements, remote sites, and varying contractor skills.

Leading projects worth over $500 million, Simon adopts a hands-on approach to ensure the best outcomes for his clients. He's driven by innovative thinking, consistently exploring unconventional solutions to deliver top-tier results with a strong focus on client satisfaction. Simon actively shares his extensive experience with the team and plays a crucial role in their growth and development. His mentoring contributions further solidify his dedication to the team's success.

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James Georgiades
Team Leader – Civil & Water Engineering phone

James brings extensive expertise in civil engineering, specialising in the design, coordination, and certification of diverse projects. His involvement spans stormwater management, site works analysis, and road & pavement design across various ventures, including multi-residential, commercial, industrial, public domain, and community, recreational developments.

James's extensive experience in navigating and managing various elements within civil engineering projects reflects his capacity to handle diverse design components and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices.

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Christopher Augostin
Technical Manager – Fire phone

Chris boasts a decade of invaluable engineering experience. His contributions to the team are marked by reliability, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges while fostering a holistic team-oriented design approach.

Chris's strengths lie in his robust technical knowledge and ability to navigate intricate scenarios involving multiple stakeholders. He demonstrates a remarkable dedication to guiding projects to successful completion, skilfully manoeuvring through diverse challenges.

Chris is a member of the Fire Protection Associations of Australia (FPAA) and their Technical Advisory Committee 4/8/9 for fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, tanks, and fixed fire pumps. This committee provides technical advice and recommendations to Standards Australia which provides Chris with the opportunity to input to, and be aware, of industry changes and potential innovations or design solutions.

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