Quality, safety & environment

Quality assurance

Our designs prioritise cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and space-efficient outcomes, employing advanced technology to ensure optimal results across various markets and compliance standards. We are accredited to  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards. Our Integrated Management System integrates these ISO requirements into a cohesive framework, reinforcing our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and work, health and safety.

Redefining possibilities

We’ve cultivated a culture that thrives on fresh ideas and inventive thinking. We believe that embracing innovation elevates our capabilities and exceeds expectations. Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to every facet of our work, from cutting-edge engineering solutions to sustainable practices. We understand that innovation isn’t just a concept; it’s a mindset that propels us to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Environmental excellence

Environmental excellence is part of our core identity. We have a dual responsibility: to help clients reduce carbon emissions and set an example for sustainability. Our mission is to lead sustainable engineering practices. We’re taking action to reduce our carbon footprint and set new industry standards for a sustainable future. Our plan includes, reducing carbon impact by a minimum of 50 per cent on all major projects, collaborating with clients and partners to foster innovation in critical climate action areas and diligently measuring major projects’ key impacts, such as carbon emissions.

ESG approach

Our Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) approach is structured around five programs: governance, community outreach, philanthropy, sustainability, and staff wellbeing. Our ESG principles shape our identity, actions, and methodologies and are integrated into our workplace and project delivery processes.

Ethical excellence

Our leadership and governance set the course for our success. Led by our experienced Board of Directors and Executive Team, we make decisions that align with our organisation’s values and broader societal expectations.

Our commitment to ethical practices is outlined in our comprehensive Code of Conduct. This code guides our team, instilling responsibility and accountability for actions and ensuring integrity is central to our operations.

Resilient places

We equip developers and local governments with scientifically grounded tools to create low-carbon precincts and cities. Through case studies, we demonstrate the effectiveness and affordability of novel integrated solutions, ensuring the resilience of future cities.

We advocate an integrated approach to urban planning, encompassing water sensitivity, waste management, transportation, health, and land use.

Responsible supply chain

We are resolute in our dedication to maintaining a supply chain free from slavery, forced and compulsory labour, or human trafficking.

We take our role as an ethical and responsible business seriously, and are committed to combating modern slavery risks through training and awareness, looking deeper into our supply chain and undertaking due diligence to mitigate risks.

These measures are instrumental in ensuring that every entity within our supply chain upholds the same high standards of ethical and responsible conduct that we do.


We are committed to fostering reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, acknowledging and respecting their rich cultural heritage and history. We are in the final stages of developing a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to strengthen our efforts in this crucial journey. This plan outlines our strategy and initiatives to create social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Social initiatives

We proudly collaborate with organisations like the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) as a silver sponsor in New South Wales and Victoria, working together to impact our communities positively. Our dedication extends to initiatives such as PIF’s Haven House, where we actively participate and offer support by providing pro-bono fire and hydraulics services, further exemplifying our commitment to meaningful contributions.

WSce is proud to be a foundation member of Club Hibernia, supporting its mission of providing annual funding to various charitable organisations.

Academic collaborations

For nearly a decade, WSce has proudly sponsored the Drop Bears to foster STEM education and empower the innovators of tomorrow. The Drop Bears is a team of high school students from years 8 to 12 dedicated to robotics operating from The University of Sydney, Australian Centre of Field Robotics. Read about the Drop Bears here.

Value engineering
& net zero

As engineering specialists within an interdisciplinary practice, we have a more holistic understanding of the impact of our work; we are able to integrate our technical solutions with other important elements of a project.

Pioneering a path to net zero

We work closely with our clients through innovative engineering practices to design and implement solutions that minimise energy consumption, reduce waste, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Whether optimising energy-efficient building designs or integrating renewable energy sources, we relentlessly pursue net zero solutions that align with global climate goals.

Environmental sustainable design

We collaborate with Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) consultants from the early stages to minimise environmental impact and improve occupant well-being. Our contributions from concept through design significantly reduce operational and energy costs, water usage, and waste, while enhancing liveability and compliance with regulations, ultimately lowering lifecycle costs and setting new standards in sustainable building practices.

Value engineering

With years of experience and specialised expertise, we excel at value engineering. Our solutions consistently deliver substantial cost savings for our clients. Throughout this process, we remain dedicated to meeting our clients’ requirements while upholding the highest engineering standards. Working closely with all stakeholders, we identify areas for design enhancement that benefit everyone involved, ultimately leading to cost savings. Examples of our value engineering experience include:

Embodied carbon

The re-design the Eurobodalla Hospital, was originally planned by another engineering firm. On appointment, we conducted a thorough assessment to unearth improvements. Our hydraulic team revised the water calculations and compared them to a WSce-tested formula. Our designs resulted in a heat loss energy savings of 18% and lowered embodied energy by 16%.

Contaminated Material Capping

We have extensive experience in value engineering for bulk earthworks modelling and analysis. As an example, when undertaking the Barton Park Recreational Precinct upgrade project in Banksia for Bayside Council, we efficiently managed proposed park levels and contaminated material.

Our solution allowed using a section of the sports field as a fill zone for the contaminated soil, meeting both design and environmental requirements.

This innovative approach saved the client approximately 12,000 m3 of contaminated soil that would have been costly to dispose of offsite. This approach is consistently applied to all our projects, emphasising our dedication to delivering the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.