Plumber to Partner:
A Success Story

Daniel-Power Partner at WSce

Daniel Power’s journey from a plumber to a partner at WSce showcases his dedication, perseverance, and the value of mentorship. In this interview, we discuss Daniel’s path and his outlook for the future.

Q: Could you share your professional evolution?
A: My career at WSce began about 12 years ago. Prior to that, I spent four years at another hydraulic consultancy after moving on from plumbing. I was lucky to have an interview with Warren Smith and Andreas Hientze, two former directors who recognised my potential. For the first six years at WSce (then called WS+P), I collaborated closely with Mark Price and Tom Wise, who were director and senior associate, respectively. We successfully completed numerous projects like Sydney Adventist Hospital, Campbelltown Hospital, Greenland Tower, and the UNSW Science and Engineering Building. This period was rich in learning from great mentors.

Q: What was your transition from engineer to manager like?
A: Initially, my primary role involved engineering tasks. As our team of engineers expanded and project demands grew, I began managing resources, finances, and client relationships. People management and client liaison are a couple aspects I really enjoy at the management level. This progression felt natural, and I fully embraced the challenges it brought.

Q: What new perspectives and ideas do you bring as the latest partner?
A: As the newest partner of WSce, I focus on injecting fresh energy and ideas into our projects. I’m particularly committed to enhancing employee and client satisfaction—these areas are vital for our success. By focusing on our team’s well-being and delivering exceptional client experiences, we aim to continue thriving as consulting engineers.

Q: Who are the mentors and experiences that have shaped your career?
A: My upbringing instilled in me strong morals and a robust work ethic. Additionally, mentors such as David Wood from Liquid Hydraulics and Warren Smith, Mark Price, and Tom Wise from WSce have profoundly influenced my career. Transitioning from a contractor background and learning from mentors with diverse experiences and approaches has underscored the importance of collaboration for me. I’ve also faced numerous challenges that spurred innovative thinking, such as the tough site constraints on projects which demanded creative solutions. These experiences have significantly shaped my approach to problem-solving.

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