Western Sydney University

Bankstown City Campus


A hybrid vertical campus ecosystem hosting 10,000 students, 1,000 staff, and industry partners, fostering collaboration and innovation, transforming the area into a leading academic and research hub.


The 18-storey campus, comprising nine levels for education and nine levels for industry collaborators, features 32 agnostic, scalable learning and research studios and 25 different teaching modes that have been conceived using modular and highly adaptable data-driven design processes.

Our role

In our role for Western Sydney University’s Bankstown City Campus, WSce undertook a wide array of design tasks, each crucial for ensuring environmental sustainability and the seamless progression of infrastructure development. Our responsibilities began with designing effective sedimentation and erosion control measures to mitigate the environmental impact of construction activities.

We then focused on stormwater management, conducting detailed stormwater modelling and designing a pipework infrastructure that not only efficiently managed rainwater but also incorporated an onsite detention system to mitigate flood risks. Additionally, we planned for overland flow pathways to facilitate natural water movement during heavy rainfall and developed a comprehensive water quality treatment plan in compliance with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) requirements, aiming to enhance the runoff water quality.

We planned civil site works, including the installation of kerbs and gutters to improve water flow and roadway safety. Our team also engaged in bulk earthworks modelling to optimise the site’s topography for construction purposes and drainage efficiency. A significant aspect of our contribution was the design of a temporary haul road, ensuring safe and efficient access for construction traffic.

Furthermore, we offered our expertise in reviewing and providing advice on a dilapidated survey of existing services, identifying and addressing potential risks or challenges with the site’s existing infrastructure. This holistic approach to design not only facilitated the project’s immediate construction needs but also laid a foundation for long-term sustainability and efficiency.


Western Sydney University


Bankstown, NSW


26,500 m²






Civil Engineering



Green rating

6 Star Green Star rating

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