Barangaroo Reserve


This six-hectare park, developed on behalf of the Infrastructure NSW, aimed to recreate a naturalistic headland mirroring the pre-1836 shoreline.


Barangaroo Reserve is the metamorphosis of a precinct from an industrial area to a stunning harborside destination. Recreating the pre-European headland used by First Nations people for millennia involved restoration, creation, and construction. The outcome is an extensive harbourside park enveloped by restaurants and bars, featuring walking trails, 75,000 native trees, and Sydney’s premier picnic spots.

Our role

WSce was engaged over a five-year period from concept to delivery for this city changing project. We were initially commissioned to undertake the master planning design to deal with the existing pump station located on the site where 8m of fill is to be placed over and entailed the decommissioning of sewage pump station SPS0014 and deviation of 700m of DN375 pipeline by micro tunnelling with bore pit depths of 6.0-7.5m; Subsequently, we undertook the civil, hydraulic and fire design for the park and the underground cutaway building including the stormwater design for the 6 Ha parkland including 1 km of bioretention swales, penstock valves, overflow weirs and discharge to Sydney Harbour during a 1 in 200-year ARI event, including design of 1.5 ML stormwater reuse tank and irrigation system.


Infrastructure NSW


Barangaroo, NSW


6 hectares






Civil Engineering
Water Engineering
Fire Services
Hydraulic Services


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