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Trains Facility South

Sydney Metro Trains Facility South

Stabling for Sydney Metro City & Southwest will occur at the Sydney Metro Trains Facility South at Marrickville. It will provide for overnight stabling of Sydney Metro trains and light maintenance activities to minimise the requirement to send trains to the Sydney Metro Trains Facility at Rouse Hill.


The project encompassed the demolition of an existing open stormwater network and the subsequent construction of approximately 1000 metres of trunk stormwater culverts, with twin box culverts, 4200m X 2300m and twin 3600 x 2300 beneath the future Sydney Metro Train Stabling and Maintenance Facility South. These systems converged into a 15m wide culvert structure before crossing the Sydenham Pit via an aqueduct structure.

Our role

The WSce team led the detailed design, encompassing flood modelling, civil and structural engineering for an intricate network of Sydney Water stormwater culverts, extending 1,000 metres beneath the Sydney Metro Train stabling yard at Sydenham. Our role involved designing bespoke culvert units, securing approvals for parallel SWC open channel construction, meticulous stakeholder management, and facilitating the procurement of precast culvert units, including manufacturer design verification. We also managed water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure across the 12km rail route from Sydenham to Bankstown and authored the Interface Agreement between TfNSW and Sydney Metro.


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