University of Sydney Masterplan


A transformative $1.4 billion Campus masterplan for a comprehensive renewal of the campus, blending modern infrastructure with its rich heritage to create a state-of-the-art educational environment for future generations.


WSce was tasked with crafting a comprehensive utility masterplan for the University of Sydney’s future campus development, covering stormwater, sewer, watermain, and gas infrastructure. This masterplan, aligned with a ten-year building program, ensured the amplification, deviation, or disuse of both private and authority assets to support the development.

We developed distinct masterplans for sewer/water and flooding/stormwater, both of which received Sydney Water’s endorsement. WSce also took charge of producing complete construction documents and oversaw the installation to its completion.

Our role

The WSce Civil and Water engineering team was responsible for the preliminary, detailed design, and construction supervision of several key services for the University of Sydney campus development. Our tasks included the installation of various potable water mains and diversions, gas mains, gravity sewer branch mains through microtunnelling, reinforced concrete stormwater systems complete with hydrological modelling, and communications conduits, alongside the construction of new access roads.

Addressing key design challenges was crucial to our role. These included coordinating the new services infrastructure with existing utilities, employing 3D modelling software for the design and modelling of utilities, which brought significant value and benefits to the project. A considerable amount of time was dedicated during the design phase to identify and investigate existing services, including extensive potholing in all critical areas. The accuracy of the 3D model and the comprehensive data it provided were vital for the coordination of works before the commencement of construction, ensuring a streamlined process.

The execution of these works was strategically scheduled during short breaks in the academic semester, underscoring the importance of minimising disruption to the university’s operations. It was imperative that all works were completed before the return of the students, highlighting our commitment to meeting strict deadlines and ensuring the seamless progression of the campus development.


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