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The UNSW Health Translation Hub (UNSW HTH) aims to unite researchers, clinicians, educators, industry partners, and health officials.


The State Significant Development, UNSW Health Translation Hub (UNSW HTH), is set to be completed in 2025 at the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct. This significant project integrates health education, research, and acute healthcare services, benefiting patients and the community. The facility on High Street and Botany Street includes purpose-built spaces, clinical schools, ambulatory care clinics, education rooms, and amenities. It features community spaces, publicly accessible areas, and pedestrian links connecting to UNSW’s Kensington Campus and Randwick Hospitals Campus.

Our role

Our role included the design of a stormwater drainage system and on-site detention storage facility in adherence to council requirements, encompassing hydrological analysis. Our responsibilities extend to general site works, bulk excavation, and the design of external pavements, retaining walls, and other structural stabilisation elements.

Additionally, we handle the planning of kerbs, channels, and stormwater drainage beyond the building line. Documentation responsibilities cover all external site services, excluding authorities supplies from the street to the building. Collaborating with landscape architects, we contribute to the design of landscape drainage, stormwater infrastructure, and compliance with water quality targets.

WSce coordinated with building hydraulic consultants for the stormwater treatment train using proprietary devices, conducting CCTV inspections of existing stormwater infrastructure, and implementing sediment and erosion controls, including temporary site protection works. We also designed the service pits, both external and internal to the building.


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