Empowering the next
generation of engineers


In the heart of Sydney, a group of high school students, known collectively as the Drop Bears, are pioneering a new era in robotics.

With their diverse skill sets and unified goal, the Drop Bears stand as a beacon of what can be achieved when young minds are given the opportunity to explore, create, and innovate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The Drop Bears split into specialised sub-teams, each focusing on different aspects of the robotics project. This division allows for a more efficient and detailed approach to each task, ranging from design and programming to construction and community engagement.

Crucially, they receive guidance and support from industry-skilled mentors who bring valuable expertise and insights to the project. This mentorship is vital in honing the team’s skills and strategies.

With this structured team organisation and expert support, the Drop Bears compete against other teams on a global stage in the worldwide Robotics Competition.

Drop Bear sub teams

At the core of the Drop Bears’ success is their Mechanical Team, a group dedicated to the fundamental aspects of robotics engineering.

In the off-season, these students enhance their skills using tools like Onshape, a sophisticated CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program. They delve into the intricacies of engineering mechanics, solving complex problems and devising innovative solutions.

Parallel to the mechanical marvels is the Software Team, which is responsible for the robot’s control and intelligence systems. This team enables students of various skill levels to understand and manipulate the robot’s functions.

Throughout the year, students in the Software Team gain expertise in Python programming, problem-solving, and collaborative work, all crucial skills in modern robotics.

The media and business team complements the technical teams. This group highlights the team’s achievements, manages the Drop Bears’ brand, and ensures sponsors see the value in their support.

Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers

Since 2015, WSce has played a crucial role in the team’s growth through financial assistance and by offering invaluable internships to several team members.

“The success of the team over the last decade would not have been possible without the support of WSce. We have been able to give high school students a taste of modern engineering, and many have gone on to pursue careers in this field.” said Dr James Ward, Head Mentor and Robotics Engineer at the Australian Centre for Robotics at the University of Sydney.   

“As someone who is interested in STEM, the Drop Bears has enabled me to engage with engineering in a way that is not offered in the classroom,” said Asher Broadhead, Team Captain and year 11 student.

WSce’s involvement with the Drop Bears goes beyond the typical sponsor-team relationship. By offering internships, WSce has provided students with a real-world glimpse into the professional world of engineering. These opportunities allow students to apply their classroom and robotics experiences in practical settings, further cementing their passion and skills in STEM fields.

Through these internships, team members gain firsthand experience in:

  • Professional engineering practices.
  • Project management and teamwork in a real-world environment.
  • Applying theoretical knowledge to practical challenges.

The Drop Bears and WSce partnership is a shining example of how industry support can significantly impact educational and technological pursuits. WSce’s commitment to the team demonstrates their dedication to engineering excellence and fostering the next generation of engineers. As the Drop Bears continue to excel in their endeavours, the support and expertise of WSce will undoubtedly be a key factor in their ongoing success and innovation in robotics.

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