Jane's journey


In 1992, Jane embarked on a professional journey with Warren Smith Engineers (now WSce).  Little did she know that this journey would span three incredible decades, filled with growth and valuable experiences.

Her role initially involved administrative tasks, managing the front desk, and providing secretarial support.In 1998, a significant milestone was reached when Warren Smith Engineers became an accredited Sydney Water Coordinator. Shortly after that, the Civil department was established in 2002, a development that allowed Jane to transition into a dedicated administrative support role for the Civil team.

Jane’s venture into the realm of Sydney Water was beginning. She diligently immersed herself in understanding Sydney Water processes, focusing on areas like Section 73 applications and collaborating with engineers to assemble design packages.

With time, Jane’s expertise expanded to encompass building plan approvals and a deep understanding of the associated constraints and out-of-scope approval requirements.

Today, Jane boasts over 20 years of experience as a devoted Water Service Coordinator. Her extensive knowledge equips her to offer clients sound advice regarding their developments, ensuring early compliance with Sydney Water requirements.

Jane engages in a substantial amount of client and Sydney Water liaison daily. She ensures that all Sydney Water processes are meticulously followed, starting from Section 73 applications, progressing through design and construction, and culminating in fully executed packages. Her ongoing client education on Sydney Water requirements significantly contributes to the smooth progression of developments, often leading to Section 73 approval before occupation.

Jane’s unwavering dedication has earned her a solid client base and has contributed to the growth of the Civil & Water department, which she also manages. She enthusiastically imparts her knowledge to junior staff members about Sydney Water processes and educates Project Managers about Sydney Water requirements.

However, Jane’s contributions extend beyond the professional realm. She has a passion for fundraising and has organised various charitable events at WSce over the years, championing causes like RSPCA, domestic violence, Cancer Council, and mental health. Recently, she has been running Sydney Water presentations to organisations regularly working with WSce, ensuring the seamless progress of clients’ developments.

Jane’s 30-year journey at WSce is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for her work, clients, and community. Her contributions extend far beyond the office, showcasing her dedication to positively impacting the world around her.

In a brief Q&A, Jane shares insights into her life.

Origin: Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe

Favourite Work Memory: Celebrating her 10-year and 20th anniversaries with the company and eagerly anticipating her 30th anniversary in September 2022. Reflecting on the journey of herself, the team, and the business fills her with pride.

Best advice Received: “If you are going to do a job, do it properly; otherwise, don’t do it at all.” This principle guides her daily.

Enjoyment: Interacting with people is what she cherishes most about her job. Every day brings new and engaging encounters with clients of varying backgrounds to Sydney Water professionals.

Proudest Project: Collaborating on the iconic Barangaroo project with Michael Cahalane, her Director. The project’s scale and complexity made it exceptionally rewarding.

Proudest Achievement: She ascended to a managerial role in her professional life. On a personal note, her work with Zonta, where she raises awareness about women’s issues, particularly domestic violence. Serving as the president in 2018-2019 was a remarkable personal achievement. Running the Gold Coast half marathon in 2014 is a notable accomplishment.

Biggest Challenge: Managing the differing paces between private and public enterprises in her work, requiring her to navigate expectations effectively.

Off-duty Pursuits: Jane enjoys reading, crocheting, knitting, running, and maintaining an active lifestyle. She also delights in high teas and savouring the occasional glass of champagne.

Favourite Sports Team: Roosters

Fun Fact: Jane’s hidden talent is her past as a bass player in a band.


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