youth homelessness


The Property Industry Foundation and The Salvation Army have joined together in partnership to bring Haven House South Dowling to fruition.

Haven House South Dowling is a 19-bedroom apartment block, equipped with communal spaces and meeting rooms, is poised to address the critical issue of youth homelessness. The Property Industry Foundation secured a 50-year lease from the City of Sydney, obtaining planning and building approvals for this essential facility. Roberts Co plays a pivotal role as the lead construction partner, ensuring the realisation of the project.

By uniting with The Salvation Army, the Property Industry Foundation ensures that Haven House South Dowling residents will access a comprehensive array of programs and services, tailored to address the intricate health and welfare needs of young people facing homelessness. This collaborative effort embodies a shared commitment to building hope and providing a brighter future for those in need.

WSce, alongside several industry partners, is contributing pro bono work to realise the vision of Haven House South Dowling.

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