Atlassian Central


The new Atlassian building at 8-10 Lee Street will comprise 75,000 square metres of GFA with retail amenities, a new 137-room YHA accommodation space at its base, as well as new public realm around Central Station.


The design features innovative design principles including a striking timber design with a glass and steel exoskeleton façade, and an operable façade which will create distinct high-rise habitats featuring internal and external spaces within, an abundance of natural light and ventilation laced with deep soil plants.

In line with Built, Dexus and Atlassian’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smart and sustainable commercial buildings, the development has ambitious sustainability targets including 50% reduction in embodied carbon emissions during construction compared to a conventional construction project and 100% fossil fuel free and powered by renewable energy.

Additionally, it has a 5.5-star NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement and targeting a 6-star Green Star rating. The tower will feature an electricity-generating façade system with self-shade capabilities to reduce direct heat gain and mass timber construction (MTC), significantly lowering the building’s embodied carbon footprint.

Our role

WSce has played a pivotal role in Sydney Water Servicing Coordination, design, and project management. This included managing Out of Scope Building Plan Approvals for various construction elements, such as basement construction near existing stormwater and sewer mains, construction over the Northern Main Submain oviform, and the B2 access tunnel.

We also handled the design and documentation of water main amplification, sewer main extension, stormwater connection, and relining of the existing stormwater pipe. Additionally, the team managed Lee Street Services Coordination, utilising 3D modelling for precision.




Sydney, NSW








Water Servicing Coordinator



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