Barangaroo South


Barangaroo South residential towers are internationally recognised for their innovative architecture and ESG initiatives.


WSce collaborated with the globally acclaimed architect and Pritzker Prize winner, Renzo Piano, to bring to fruition the exceptional project comprising 775 apartments spread across three residential towers within the Barangaroo South developments.

The project incorporates key Environmental Sustainable Development (ESD) initiatives, particularly in the Hydraulic Services systems. A groundbreaking feature involves the integration of recycled water for toilet flushing, sourced from the precinct-wide black water treatment plant.

Additionally, rainwater harvested from the rooftops undergoes a comprehensive process of storage, filtration, and recycling, serving as a sustainable water source for irrigation purposes. This forward-thinking approach aligns with modern sustainability practices, marking the residential towers as not only architecturally significant but also environmentally conscious.

Our role

WSce took on the comprehensive responsibility of overseeing fire and hydraulic services throughout the entire design-to-construction process. The hydraulic services package addressed various essential components, including domestic hot and cold water systems, sanitary plumbing, sewer drainage, stormwater drainage, roof water drainage, stormwater run-off quality management, rainwater harvesting, and reuse.

Simultaneously, WSce managed the fire services package, which included the design and coordination of critical fire safety systems such as fire sprinklers, fire detection, fire alarm, and occupant warning systems. By seamlessly integrating these services, WSce played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, functionality, and efficiency of the overall infrastructure from a hydraulic and fire protection standpoint.




Barangaroo, NSW


3 residential towers
775 apartments






Fire Services
Hydraulic Services



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