Blacktown Seniors Living


The Blacktown Workers Seniors Living project encompasses the development of nine new residential buildings over seven stages.


The project, situated at 170 Reservoir Road, Arndell Park, NSW, will feature Independent Living Units (ILUs) tailored for aged occupants, a community centre, an outdoor pool, and a shared basement facility for both stages. The entirety of the project is located on a single lot, underscoring the cohesive and integrated nature of the Seniors Living development. WSce has been entrusted with the design of Hydraulic, Fire, and Civil Services for the initial two stages, specifically buildings A, B, C, and H.

Our role

WSce took on a comprehensive role in the Blacktown Workers Seniors Living project, overseeing civil, fire, and hydraulic services from the design phase through to construction. Concerning hydraulic services, WSce addressed critical elements such as sewer drainage within the building, subsoil drainage, sanitary plumbing, domestic cold water service, rainwater reuse service, and domestic hot water service.

The scope included the implementation of fire hose reel service, fire hydrant service, fire alarm service, emergency warning and intercom system (EWIS), and the provision of fire extinguishers. Additionally, WSce managed civil services, handling stormwater drainage design, sediment and erosion control, site grading and levels, bulk earthworks, and road design. This comprehensive approach underscores WSce’s commitment to delivering integrated engineering solutions for the Blacktown Workers Seniors Living project, ensuring safety, functionality, and sustainability are prioritised throughout the development.


Paynter Dixon


Blacktown, NSW


5.4 Ha






Civil Engineering
Hydraulic Services
Fire Services


Aged care & seniors living

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