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The Meadowbank Education Precinct is designed to be a centre of excellence for education and lifelong learning, connecting students to training and employment opportunities.


The Meadowbank Education Precinct emerged as a landmark initiative within the City of Ryde, aimed at nurturing the educational journey from early childhood to secondary schooling. The project successfully established a comprehensive lifelong learning hub, providing 100 preschool places for long day care, 1,000 seats for primary education, and a master-planned environment for 2,000 high school students.

The completed Meadowbank Schools project represented a once-in-a-generation development, redefining educational spaces with a focus on future readiness, innovation, and functionality. It became a symbol of lifelong learning, facilitating community integration and fostering connections with neighbouring institutions, including TAFE NSW. This forward-thinking precinct was designed to be flexible and adaptable, empowering a new generation of students to excel in their educational pursuits.

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The Sydney Water watermain on Rhodes Street proved insufficient for the firefighting demands of the proposed building, prompting the need for an amplification project from Victoria Road. Under boring was necessary due to heavy traffic.

The small building footprint, caused by the floodplain, led to services coordination complexities at the Rhodes Street entry. The site’s topography posed challenges, featuring an 11-meter level difference and an open culvert with a 100-year flood constraint. The 9-floor structure aligns with local residential development heights and incorporates green rooftops for student and staff well-being.


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