Qantas Jet Base Utilities


The development of control documents for consultants when documenting hydraulic services within the Airport.


The Qantas Jet Base (now the Jet Base) water supply infrastructure was impacted by the construction of the new access roads into the Domestic Airport, part of the TfNSW Gateway project. Significant infrastructure was affected requiring development of a new servicing strategy for the Jet Base including removal of existing reservoirs and existing underperforming pumps systems, and provision of new incoming infrastructure and pressure booster pumps.

Our role

WSce conducting planning and risk assessments in collaboration with SYD Airport stakeholders. Our team worked closely to confirm the optimal servicing strategy, conducting monitoring and data gathering to identify specific performance requirements. Taking into account the gathered insights, WSce proceeded to design the required modifications. Additionally, our involvement extended to assisting SYD Airport in the tendering process, ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement phase. Throughout the construction phase, we provided quality assurance (QA) services, overseeing the implementation of the designed modifications to guarantee compliance with the established standards and specifications.


Sydney Airport


Sydney, NSW




Water Engineering Planning
Water Engineering Design



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