Sofitel Darling Harbour


The $700m 5-star Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour has played a major role in the ongoing revitalisation of the vibrant Darling Harbour precinct.


The 38-level hotel offers 590 guestrooms, including 35 coveted suites. Exclusive to guests staying in the Club Sofitel rooms and suites on levels 28–34, the Club Millesime Lounge, situated at the hotel’s zenith on level 35, offers breathtaking views over Darling Harbour and the city.

The development also includes nine flexible meeting rooms and spaces suitable for a range of events, from haute couture fashion shows to conferences and meetings, with a seating capacity of up to 450 guests.

Our role

Emphasising sustainability, we incorporated grey water and rainwater recycling into the project, significantly reducing reliance on the local water supply. Acoustic challenges posed by suspended drainage systems were deftly resolved in collaboration with the architect, ensuring that noise did not intrude into the tranquility of bedroom spaces.

In maintaining the integrity of the building’s iconic aesthetic, our engineering solutions, such as the centralised hot water plant and rainwater harvesting systems, were carefully woven into the building’s fabric. We innovatively maximised the use of the site’s constrained space, including a single basement level, to house all necessary services without compromising on efficiency.

Addressing concerns about false fire alarms, we installed advanced smoke detection systems to improve safety. Strategic placement of Fire Brigade boosters and the Fire Control Room was meticulously planned due to restricted site access, ensuring that these critical elements were both effective and unobtrusive. The project also navigated the complexities of integrating new structures amidst a web of pre-existing infrastructure, requiring synchronised coordination for a seamless addition to the Darling Harbour skyline.

Our collaborative approach with partners throughout the project’s lifespan fostered a commitment to innovation, resulting in a building that is not only visually striking but also sustainable, functional, and cost-effective.




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