League Club


Canterbury League Club, situated in Belmore, has been a registered club since its establishment in 1957.


The expansive club site, which spans approximately 2.3 hectares, includes a sizable two-story club building, associated basement service areas, a multi-level car park, gym facilities, and various sporting amenities.

The project involved ongoing works to refurbish existing club facilities to enhance and modernise these key sections of Canterbury League Club. The areas earmarked for refurbishment encompass the cocktail bar fitout, executive offices, function centre, paragon pub, restaurant, and sports facilities.

Our role

WSce managed the hydraulic and fire services throughout the project lifecycle, starting from concept design through tender stage and construction documentation, culminating in a construction supervision role.

The scope of hydraulic services included sewer drainage within the building, subsoil drainage, sanitary plumbing, domestic cold water service, rainwater reuse service, domestic hot water service, and natural gas service.

On the fire services front, WSce covered fire hose reel service, fire hydrant service, fire sprinkler service, fire alarm service, emergency warning and intercom system (EWIS), and fire extinguishers. This holistic approach ensured the seamless integration and functionality of essential services within the building, contributing to the overall success of the project.


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