Wenona School


Wenona is an independent school for girls located in North Sydney NSW, catering for 1,100 students from K to 12.


The project encompassed the construction of a seven-story building, featuring a new school entry, a 25m indoor swimming pool, a learn-to-swim pool, a gymnasium/weights room, classrooms, laboratories, and a staff centre.

Additionally, it involved establishing connections: one to the existing Miller Street school building with ground floor alterations, another to the existing Carpark/Gymnasium level, and a new bridge over Elliot Street for seamless integration with the school campus.

Our role

Our team navigated complex planning to safeguard the existing live site during construction, staging, and decanting.

We designed the fire and hydraulic services for the flagship features: a water-polo-ready 25m swimming pool, a learn-to-swim pool, and a multifunctional gym with cardio space.

We implemented an extensive monitoring system, catering to STEM education by providing insights into building systems and energy usage. We addressed drainage needs for pools, commercial kitchen requirements, false alarm risks, and ball strike risks in sports courts.

In addition, we created a central plant within the swimming pool building, serving both the pool and performing arts/multi-use sports building. This consolidated approach ensured a single point of FRNSW attendance and significant CAPEX and OPEX savings.


Wenona School


North Sydney, NSW






Fire Services
Hydraulic Services



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