Specialist Engineering


Our engineering team boasts extensive expertise in designing specialty water generating including reticulation system, and wastewater treatment system. We tailor these specialised services to the unique needs of industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and life sciences.

Our team develops systems for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors that ensure the highest water quality, critical for manufacturing processes, research, and development activities. This involves designing specialty water systems that meet stringent regulatory standards, essential for producing pharmaceutical products, including injectables, and various life sciences applications.

In healthcare, we focus on creating water systems that support hygiene and sanitation, which are vital for patient care environments. We lead the industry in the art of healthcare hygiene and control or aerosols, including working closely with our partnered microbiologist. This includes designing efficient and reliable heated and cold water supply systems and specialised wastewater treatment solutions to manage and dispose of healthcare-related waste safely.

Our expertise also extends to water reuse systems, reflecting our sustainability and environmental stewardship commitment. We design systems that recycle and treat water for non-potable applications, such as irrigation, flushing, and industrial processes. These systems conserve water resources and reduce the environmental impact of wastewater discharge.

Our team delivers bespoke water and wastewater solutions through collaboration with stakeholders and leveraging the latest technologies while reducing water supply costs. Such as non-drinking water polishing (salt removal) for use within cooling towers to minimise scaling and basin drains.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients in the pharma, healthcare, water reuse, and life sciences sectors benefit from reliable, sustainable, high-quality water management solutions.

Specialty water

  • AS 5369 Central Sterile Services Water Services for healthcare to meet tables 7.2 &7.4.
  • AS 5369 Endoscope Reprocessing Water Services for healthcare to meet table 7.3 and enable heat sanitisation.
  • ISO or ASTM life sciences/pathology water services type 1-3 to meet the chemical purity, including bacteria content to CLSI CLRW.
  • Water for injection (WFI) water services for manufacturing purposes conforming to good manufacturing practice (GMP) and following methods defined by national pharmacopoeias (EP/USP/JP/WHO/etc).
  • Non-drinking water polishing (salt removal) for use within cooling towers to minimise scaling and basin drains.
  • EN 285 Autoclave feed water service for sterilisation to meet table B1.

We only undertake basic schematic design for renal dialysis systems because the plant requires approval under the Therapeutic Good Act.

Specialty wastewater

  • Wastewater treatment for non-drinking water reuse
  • Effluent decontamination systems for bio-contained areas such as infectious patient containment wards and rooms, AS 2243 Physical Containment Levels 3 & 4, and genetically modified organism (GMO), to comply with Office of the Gene Technology Regulator requirements and highly infectious patient containment rooms and wards.