Hydraulic Services


Our experienced hydraulic engineers will ensure that you have functional, compliant, optimally-sized and sustainable designs for water, gas, sanitary plumbing & drainage and building rainwater drainage to be optimally managed.

We have a proud history of providing accurate, innovative and cost-effective solutions and advice, including negotiations with network operators for our clients. Sustainability and efficiency in plumbing & drainage with a focus on embodied carbon reduction is a high priority for all projects. We engage in clear and concise requirements elicitation with clients, providing guidance as needed, ensuring our hydraulic designs align seamlessly with their objectives.

We work closely with the project team to provide planning advice and concept designs incorporating sustainability, the latest technology, local needs, and exceptional quality control.

In addition to providing comprehensive hydraulic services, our team offers a guidance and advisory service to assist clients in realising their envisioned projects.


  • Water services.
  • Sanitary plumbing systems.
  • Sanitary drainage systems.
  • Roof drainage systems (internal to the building).
  • Surface & subsurface drainage systems (internal to the building).
  • On-site trade waste systems.
  • Natural gas services.
  • Liquid petroleum gas services.

Recent Projects