Water Engineering


We bring long-standing experience blended with local knowledge of climates and conditions and global insights of future-fit systems to provide well-designed solutions throughout the entire water and waste cycle.

Our expertise covers process design, layout, and detailed design for water and wastewater engineering and infrastructure across the entire development cycle to help our clients manage an increasingly scarce resource and recover resources from waste water. We identify issues early to optimise usage, spatial and master planning, maximise land value, minimise project costs and deliver long-term solutions to sustain communities.

We are a licensed Water Servicing Coordinator and designer and work with numerous network utility operators nationally to achieve approval for the development. We offer comprehensive infrastructure services, including the coordination, project management, design, and quality control of various projects. Our expertise encompasses water mains, sewer mains, pumping stations, stormwater channels, amplifications, renewals, waste water heat recovery, and master planning.


  • Local network utility operator connection applications
  • Facilitation of building plan approval in accordance with network utility operator guidelines
  • Precinct master planning
  • Feasibility, strategy studies & investigations
  • Water & sewer network modelling & design
  • Water & effluent reuse systems
  • Sewerage reticulation and distribution pipe networks
  • Design of trenchless systems
  • Water mains
  • Sewer mains
  • Pumping stations
  • Stormwater channels
  • Water & waste water pumpstation design
  • Trunk stormwater culverts and channels

Recent Projects