Engineering Advisory


WSce’s reputation for innovative thinking and expertise in tackling complex challenges has positioned us as a key provider of advisory services to developers and building professionals.

Our specialist advisory team delivers a tailored consultancy service, combining advisory and guidance roles to meet your unique engineering needs. By partnering with you, our advisors delve into your requirements, guiding you through options for informed decision-making.

We are here to facilitate the achievement of your project goals, working in tandem with your design and construction teams or any engaged engineers. Offering both general and specific engineering support, our services are adaptable to your project’s demands.

We provide various engagement models, such as hourly rates or customisable drawdown options, designed to suit individual projects or offer continuous support across multiple initiatives.

Our expertise extends to enhancing design work by others through process guidance and design reviews, contributing to the success of your projects. We also develop bespoke design guides for companies, aiming to improve consistency and deliver superior outcomes for developers.

Our advisory services are trusted and utilised by a distinguished list of clients. Among these valued partners are The Wesley Hospital, Cbus Property, and Quick Plumbing Group. These collaborations underscore our ability to deliver tailored engineering solutions across a diverse range of industries and projects.

Watershedding workshops

WSce offers workshops focused on watershedding design principles—time-tested methods that examines natural water flow processes and the interplay between gravity and subterranean water forces, along with crucial design details for water collection, redirection, and drainage to prevent damage in building structures.

Watershedding workshops promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among hydrogeologists, Geotech engineers, structural engineers, hydraulic engineers, and architects to address water challenges in below-ground structures, which are often overlooked in modern below-ground construction, to ensure successful waterproofing and durability in construction.

Service Benefits


Our services ensure seamless integration with your team to aid designers in fulfilling project scopes. We provide essential guidance in decision-making and risk assessment, aiming to simplify complex choices. Additionally, we focus on creating engineering guidelines and project briefs, designed to streamline your development processes and enhance project delivery efficiency.


We emphasise the importance of consistency across all your projects by becoming an integral part of your operational team. Our role includes offering support in decision-making and aiding in the understanding of risk, ensuring that every project aligns with your operational standards and expectations.


Our advisory services include serving as a specialist component of your service management team, bringing a focused expertise in engineering to your projects. We offer valuable insights into design and value engineering, providing strategies to optimise project outcomes and enhance the quality of the build.


We assist installers by identifying value engineering opportunities that can lead to cost savings and improved project efficiency. Our collaborative efforts with designers aim to develop comprehensive presentation packages, and we guide designers in documenting and capitalising on unique project opportunities, ensuring the best possible outcomes.