Fire Services


Our fire services team delivers quality, innovation, and value to our clients by understanding how to integrate both wet and dry fire safety strategies in the design process to local conditions and codes without compromising aesthetics.

Our national experience equips us with local insights to deliver compliant, user-focused fire services. We are an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety Design), and we sit on the Fire Protection Association Technical Advisory Committee, providing expertise to improve the Building Code and Australian Standards for fire protection.

We provide a fully integrated wet and dry design within our documentation package to ensure no loose ends between fire, electrical, and mechanical, resulting in significant cost-saving benefits.


  • Fire sprinkler systems, including deluge & dry pipe pre-action
  • Fire hydrant systems
  • Fire hose reel systems
  • Fire detection & alarm systems
  • Emergency warning & intercom systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Special hazards fire protection, including gaseous first suppression systems
  • High hazard fire sprinkler system.

Recent Projects